Proceeds of Atomic Shadow’s First Two Albums to Benefit the BMF

Maverick electronica explorer, Atomic Shadow, shares the same birthday (May 23rd) as the late Bob Moog, inventor of the Moog synthesizer. In recognition of that coincidence, Hollow Sun Records is releasing the Shadow’s first two albums, ‘Creatures From Beyond’ and ‘Project Berna’, for a limited time with all proceeds from sales going to to Moog’s namesake foundation, the Bob Moog Foundation.

You can download the two albums here:

The below quote by the artist conveys the influence Moog had in budding artists’ lives and why he feels compelled to donate to the BMF on this special day.

“The futuristic sounds of the early pioneers of electronic music captured my imagination as a child and continues to influence my work to this day. Dr. Bob was one of these pioneers. From his early love of the Theremin, to his groundbreaking modular instruments, through the innovative keyboards that have appeared on countless classic and modern recordings. This legacy must be preserved for our children and I am happy to give the Bob Moog Foundation my support. Through their efforts the next generation of music and engineering pioneers may be inspired to dream, innovate and create the sounds for an entirely new world of tomorrow.” –Atomic Shadow

Atomic Shadow is at the forefront of modern abstract electronica using as he does true retro equipment from the 50s and 60s … test oscillators, reel-to-reel tape machines for feeding in tape loops or tape delays, etc., and a hint of modernity with moogerfooger pedals. His music invokes influences from the likes of Tod Dockstader, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and others. Atomic Shadow’s electronica is moody and dark, sometimes chilling, sometimes challenging, sometimes whimsical, always intriguing.

He also recently won the MatrixSynth modular synth award with exemptions and exceptions that although his wall of retro gear isn’t exactly a ‘modular synth’ per se and pre-dates Dr Moog’s classic designs, it represents instead the kind of music laboratories of the early pioneers.

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