Masha Theremin Pay Tribute to Her Grandfather, Leon Theremin, on His Birthday


Masha Theremin, and her grandfather, Lev.
Masha Theremin, and her grandfather, Lev.


[Editor’s Note: Leon Theremin’s birthday is celebrated in the United States on August 15th, and in Russia on August 28th. You can read why here.]

When I think about my grandfather, about our communication, about our life, first of all I feel happiness. I am very thankful to my grandfather for his love, care and attention, for his support and advice, for the picture of the world that he showed to me. At the time when I was born my grandfather Lev Theremin was 76 years old and my parents were 23-24 years old.  My grandmother was already not with us. We had no relatives in Moscow who could help or support, so the family circle was very narrow. My grandfather managed to become everything for me, he was my best friend from the first years of my life, and thereminvox also became for me the organic and logical part of the family.

My grandfather always said: ”?verybody can learn to play thereminvox, but it is very important to understand the reasons of he/she started to play theremin.” In my view, thereminvo? still remains a sacred device, connecting worlds and healing souls, but it is a tool with a dual purpose. At the same time, thereminvo? still has the potential of the music of the future, but not in the unleavened futuristic meaning. Thereminvox symbolizes the evolution of the human spirit, thinking and consciousness. Lev Theremin created new relations between the mankind and sound, and he believed in the disclosure of the psychophysical potential of human being.

For many years, thanks to Robert Moog, a huge number of people have the opportunity to get acquainted with the thereminvo? and try this tool for themselves. It seems to me that on the birthday of Lev Theremin, it’s very important to remember that the thereminvox is not just another musical instrument, it’s a completely new and special way of communicating with sound, giving unique and largely undiscovered opportunities.    — Masha Theremin, Moscow, August, 2017

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