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As part of our ongoing effort to share the vast materials in the Bob Moog Foundation Archive, we are proud to bring to a timeline of Moog-related catalogs from R.A. Moog, Co., Moog Music (Buffalo), and Big Briar, Inc. As you will see, these catalogs represent far more than just information about various products. They are historical documents in themselves, marking the evolution and state of a company at a certain point in history.

We chose the three companies featured because Bob Moog was centrally involved in all of them, although he did leave Moog Music, Inc. (Buffalo) at the end of 1977. Through these three companies, we can see a fascinating progression in technology and engineering focus. The timeline runs from 1954, when Bob founded R.A. Moog, Co. in his parent’s basement in Flushing, NY, through 2001, when he introduced Big Briar’s Minimoog Voyager. For information on Moog products released after 2002, please visit Moog Music’s website for more contemporary offerings.

The materials included in the timeline are a reflection of those maintained within our archives. We do not yet have every catalog ever published. We are missing catalogs for some products, most notably those from the later years at Moog Music, Inc. (Buffalo). If you have catalogs and product sheets for items that you don’t see on this timeline, and you are interested in donating them to the Bob Moog Foundation Archives, please email us at info@moogfoundation.org. We would be thrilled to add them here.

The nearly 70 publications here serve as an important historical resource. We hope that you  will spend some time exploring and considering them, and that you will continue to visit periodically. This timeline is a living, breathing document. We will continually be adding to it. Please send any questions or comments to info@moogfoundation.org.

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The timeline is based on the vast historical materials in the Bob Moog Foundation Archives.

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