Historical Signed Images of Larry Fast Offered with Donation

Peter Gabriel Era Photos and Early Music of Pioneering Synthesist Gift with Foundation Support   We are honored to offer an exclusive donation incentive featuring legendary synthesizer pioneer Larry Fast. Bob Moog Foundation supporters who make a $100 donation or more  will … Continued

Remembering John Eaton (1935-2015)

If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants. — Sir Isaac Newton Bob Moog was renowned for his remarkable humility, despite his tremendous accomplishments. One of the reasons that he deflected many … Continued

Malcolm Cecil’s iTONTO to benefit Bob Moog Foundation

Synthesizer maverick and Grammy award winning producer Malcolm Cecil announces the release of iTONTO, an app for iPad and iPhone that offers up a trove of historical and technical information about the world’s largest synthesizer. Best known for its prominence … Continued

Cruise to the Edge Names Bob Moog Foundation as Beneficiary

Progressive Rock Cruise Provides Support to Education and Archive Projects Cruise to the Edge, the ultimate progressive rock cruise, is honoring the Bob Moog Foundation as the official beneficiary organization for its third annual Caribbean cruise. The music-based cruise, which … Continued

Thom Holmes: The Rarest of Moog Modular Recordings

Moog Rarities: A Survey of the Most Hard-to-Find Moog Recordings In past blogs I’ve written about the first recordings of the Moog Modular Synthesizer (http://tinyurl.com/mr9h6be) and Moog Obscura (http://tinyurl.com/nfphav5), odds and ends from the Moog Modular catalog. This time I’m going … Continued

The 40 Year Friendship: Bob Moog and David VanKoevering

  The 40 Year Friendship: David Van Koevering and Bob Moog with Images from the Bob Moog Foundation Archives || Van Koevering Collection.   [Note: This blog is the result of information mined from archival material and an extensive interview with … Continued

Circuit of My Mind: Art and Bob Moog Converge

Bob Moog Foundation Releases Historic Artistic Rendering of Bob Moog In honor of Bob’s upcoming 81st birthday on May 23, 2015, we are releasing a particularly beautiful artistic rending of Bob, which was originally drawn by graphic artist extraordinaire,  Jean-François … Continued

MOTU Announces Bob Moog Foundation Encore Soundbank

The Bob Moog Foundation and MOTU are proud to announce the release of the Bob Moog Foundation Encore Soundbank, a new, compelling collection of instrument and percussion sounds produced in commemoration of Bob Moog’s 81st Birthday, coming up on May … Continued