Bob Moog Foundation Brings Sonic Exploration to Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit


 The Bob Moog Foundation is excited to bring sonic inspiration, engagement, and education to Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit, October 25th-27th, with an expanded Dr. Bob’s Interactive Sonic Experience. Featuring an array of synthesizers, theremins, effects, oscilloscopes and more, the Interactive Sonic Experience will be free and open to all ages from 12-6pm each day of the festival in the lobby of the Diana Wortham Theater.

1379526_613942721991628_1699644460_nConcert goers and the general public are invited to explore the sonic universe and learn about the fundamentals of synthesis through hands-on interaction with a range of incredible electronic musical instruments. Marc Doty, Education Specialist for the Bob Moog Foundation and highly esteemed synth demonstrator with over 5 million views on YouTube, will be present throughout the festival to guide attendees through the Interactive Sonic Experience.




Experience Audio-Visual Control with Mark Mosher

New to this years’ set up will be Boulder-based electronic musician and performer Mark images-9Mosher who will be bringing his multi-player “9 Box” to Dr. Bob’s Interactive Sonic Experience. ??Part collaborative instrument, part interactive installation – the 9 Box allows up to four casual players to instantly make music and shape sound using smart wireless sensor cubes called AudioCubes made by California-based Percussa. In addition to being an intriguing jam instrument, the 9 Box and AudioCubes are becoming popular as a teaching solution in STEM schools.

Visit the Bob Moog Foundation in the lobby of the Diana Wortham Theater and get your fill of sonic exploration!

Moutain Oasis Electronic Music Summit Provides Funding for Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool and Bucombe County Schools

Mountain Oasis proudly supports creativity and education in Western North Carolina by donating a portion of each ticket purchased to Buncombe County Schools Foundation and Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool, the Bob Moog Foundation‘s hallmark education project. Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool engages 1000 students in the science of sound through the magic of music in three Western North Carolina school districts.

The mission of the Buncombe County Schools Foundation is to establish partnerships with local individuals, businesses, corporations, and other foundations for the purpose of supporting education in the Buncombe County School System. Today, the Foundation serves the six school district’s 25,000 plus students as well as approximately 4,000 employees of the Buncombe County School System.

The Bob Moog Foundation and Buncombe County Schools work together to bring Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool to over 500 2nd grade students in the district.


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  1. Stephanie Granek

    Hi there! I live in Asheville and am so thoroughly excited about the Mountain Oasis next weekend! I went for my first Moogfest last year and was absolutely blown away. I have many many friends who attend and a few that have mentioned they help out behind the scenes and volunteer. I think this event is such an amazing event and how it benefits Dr.Bob’s SoundSchool. I am in early childhood and music is the cornerstone of all that we include in our education. It is so important to keep the arts in schools and build that love for melody and sound! And with the school you are combining disciplines and making music a science and developing young children’s minds by challenging them with the tools and instruments that make the music. As a resident of Buncombe County I am thrilled that some of the proceeds go to the Buncombe County Schools Foundation. I do not have children but as I am an educator I have many children!

    I am wondering if there is a way for me to give back to the foundation by volunteering at the event? I truly just want to be a part of the display of talent, auditory explosions and visual stimulations!

    Please contact me if there is any way or anything that I can do to contribute. Thanks so very much

    Stephanie 🙂

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