2014 BMF Calendar: Celebrating 50 Years of Moog Modules



Exploring vintage modular circuits: Visual beauty echoes the aural revolution they inspired

frontcover-smallFifty years ago, Bob Moog collaborated with Herb Deutsch to create a series of sound modules for use in electronic music.  These modules were demonstrated at the 1964 Audio Engineering Society convention and started a musical revolution which is still happening today.



The Bob Moog Foundation 2014 Calendar is a celebration of these devices and their incredible contribution to the history of music.


You can order this limited edition calendar here.

The Bob Moog Foundation arranged for photographer Shaun Hollingsworth to take detailed and stunning photographs of the individual modules that exist in musician and composer Erik Norlander’s titanic and renowned “Wall of Doom” Moog modular synthesizer.

backcover-smallAs each month passes, you’ll be able to examine and enjoy Shaun Hollingsworth’s vibrant depictions of the interior and exterior of Bob Moog’s modular creations.  The calendar includes photos of the face and internal components of each module as well as a brief description of its functionality and import.

Spend 2014 celebrating 50 years of the creativity, artistry, and innovation of Bob Moog with the Bob Moog Foundation 2014 Calendar.

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  1. Neil Barbu

    Being one who was born in 1965, I feel that I was born into the age of
    MOOG synthesizers !
    His works have shaped
    My musical career

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