Toubab Krewe Gets Mooged-Out at MoDaddy’s April 24, 2009

On April 24, 2009 The Bob Moog Foundation and Asheville’s own Toubab Krewe team up to present a unique benefit pre-show for the Foundation’s hallmark project, the Moogseum. Toubab Krewe will combine their diverse musical influences with Moog equipment to treat the MoDaddy’s audience to an innovative set of music. The mini set will feature each band member using a custom tailored setup of Moog instruments and effects provided by The Bob Moog Foundation. The band will be remixed live through Moog effect modules which will be located at the sound board as well. The resulting sounds will then be routed into a surround sound system. This experience will highlight the rich connection between these talented performers and the expressive technology that made the Moog name a classic.

This intimate evening offers an opportunity to connect with Toubab Krewe in a one-of-a-kind performance. After the Mooged-Out set, the band will stick around for a meet-and-greet and signing of a limited edition commemorative poster designed by super talented Jenny Greer at Sound Mind Media.

About Toubab Krewe

Blending American and West African influences into a sound all its own, Toubab Krewe has set “a new standard for fusions of rock ‘n’ roll and West African music” (Afropop Worldwide). Since forming in 2005, the magnetic instrumental quintet has won a diverse and devoted following at performances everywhere from Bonnaroo to the legendary Festival of the Desert in Essakane, Mali, the most remote festival in the world. The band developed their unique sound over the course of numerous extended trips to Mali, Guinea, and Ivory Coast, where they immersed themselves in the local culture and studied and performed with luminaries.

Toubab Krewe Hanging Out In Jamacia
Toubab Krewe Hanging Out In Jamacia

There is a very special connection that exists between Toubab Krewe and the Bob Moog Foundation. During his illness in 2005, Bob was given Toubab’s CD, and spent a sleepless night listening to it several times. Bob was so moved by the level of musicianship this band possessed, and pronounced them “such damn good musicians” (“damn good” were always Bob’s highest words of praise — and he used them with discretion). When Bob passed away several weeks later, his family asked Toubab Krewe to perform at his memorial. The band generously agreed, and made the trek from New Hampshire, where they were touring, to share their music with over 500 of Bob’s friends and family. At the end of the memorial, there was a crowd of people dancing to Toubab’s music. It’s not too often that you see people dancing at a memorial, but then again, Bob Moog was never one for convention.

Proceeds from this very special fund raising event will assist The Bob Moog Foundation reach its goal of creating a Bob Moog Museum, or Moogseum, in Asheville. The Moogseum will house Bob Moog’s extensive archives, feature interactive instrument-based exhibits and serve as an educational, historical and cultural resource to Asheville and the wider music community.

Mooged-Out at MoDaddy’s with Toubab Krewe will take place from 5-8 pm at MoDaddy’s, 77 Biltmore Ave. (next door to The Orange Peel). Tickets are available at MoDaddy’s for a minimum donation of $30. Space is limited.

What does it mean for Toubab Krewe to be Mooged-Out?

Toubab Krewe is a band that achieves it’s unique and diverse sound by combining traditional West African instruments with instruments that would be found in a traditional rock band. Their highly skilled and adventurous use of their gear is one of the things that helps to energize the live performances that they are well known for. At the Bob Moog Foundation benefit on April 24, the band will perform a special set of music that will be highlighted by including Moog equipment in each band members’ rig. This will challenge each band member to become educated on the expressive nature of the gear that helped make the Moog name a classic. In turn, the audience at MoDaddy’s will witness Toubab Krewe presenting their music in an experimental forum.

And now for the more technical aspects of the evening:

The Bob Moog Foundation has worked closely with Toubab Krewe to determine which Moog gear would best suit each band member. All guitars will be routed through Moogerfooger effect modules in order to shape the tones. There will be a Theremin, two Moog synthesizers, and the new Moog Guitar on stage. The sounds produced on the stage will then be routed to the soundboard where there will be a variety of Moogerfoogers to assist with processing on the drums, percussion, and kora. The Moogerfoogers will also assist in panning the sounds around the room in the surround sound system. This will be an intimate auditory experience that will be best appreciated from the middle of the room.

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