1966       Beach Boys – Good Vibrations

1967      The Doors – Strange Days
Cited as the first major Rock and Roll recording to feature a Moog synthesizer, the Doors album Strange Days exposed the masses to the possibilities of analog synthesis.

1967      The Monkees – Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.
Micky Dolenz plays an early Moog synth on “Daily Nightly” and Paul Beaver plays a Moog on “Star Collector.”

1967      The Zodiac – Cosmic Sounds
A conceptual album featuring Paul Beaver on Moog synthesizer.

1967      The Rolling Stones – Their Satanic Majesties Request

1968      The Byrds – The Notorious Byrd Brothers
(Space Odyssey)

1968      Simon and Garfunkel – Bookends
After seeing the Moog synthesizer on display at the Monterey Pop Festival, Simon and Garfunkel added a synth track to their song “Save the Life of my Child.”

1968     Wendy Carlos – Switched-on Bach
Wendy Carlos purchased the first Moog modular synthesizer and recorded Switched-on Bach, which was recorded entirely of hand created voices one track at a time.

1969     The Beatles – Abbey Road

1969     Bread – Bread

1969      Gershon Kingsley – Music to Moog By
Features the hit single, “Popcorn”

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