Propellerhead Supports the Bob Moog Foundation

We are delighted to report that yesterday, August 13th, Swedish music software titan Propellerhead launched a very special online effort to support the Bob Moog Foundation. Not only did Propellerhead make a cash donation to the foundation as a tribute to Bob Moog’s pioneering work, but they have released a free download of a Moog-inspired Refill for all of their Reason users around the world. Propellerhead is encouraging all of their users, especially those who download the free patches, to pay tribute to the Moog Legacy by making a donation to the Bob Moog Foundation. To see the tribute pages on Propellerhead’s website, go to

Earlier in the summer German music software giant Ableton also stepped up to the plate and donated to the Bob Moog Foundation in a similar tribute to the technology that Bob developed, which lives on in Ableton Live today. In addition, Ableton posted a heart-felt, compelling letter from Craig Anderton on their site, in which Craig states: “We all owe a huge amount to Bob, whose work continues to influence musicians everywhere…and it’s time for payback.” To see Criag’s letter in its entirety, go to

The foundation wishes to thank Propellerhead and Ableton for their support — we are very, very grateful indeed!!!! It is our hope that other music software manufacturers will follow the initiative these companies have taken by making waves and supporting Bob’s legacy.

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