Music is at the very core of the Bob Moog Foundation. Bob’s motivation for his innovative work was not solely synthesis or electronic music, but music as a transcendental language that brings people together in community. Bob stated many times how he much he enjoyed working with musicians and the open, creative spirit that they bring to their work.

The Bob Moog Foundation is involved in the music community in many ways whether through our events, Mooged-Out CD, artist endorsers or celebration and preservation of electronic music history.

Since our launch in August 2006, we’ve held several events including Enter the Mind of Moog, Yo’ Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band Gets Mooged-Out (launch party for our CD), Mooged-Out with Umphrey’s McGee, Mooged-Out with Toubab Krewe, Enter the Mind of Moog: Bob’s Birthday Celebration, Mooged-Out: A Bele Chere After Party. You can read highlights from our past events in the following blog posts:

MoogLab residency at Claxton Elementary

MoogFest 2010

Toubab Krewe’s connection to Bob and the Moog legacy

Bob Moog Live CD

Moogus Operandi

Bele Chere after party with Ben Hovey

Mooged-Out: Asheville

Sixteen Asheville artists donated tracks for our first Mooged-Out CD. We are in the final stages of mastering Mooged Out volume 2 and plan to release it this summer. Stay tuned!

You can purchase the whole album for a gift of $25. All proceeds benefits the foundation.Artist Endorsers Amin Batia, Erik Norlander, Patrick Moraz and Umphrey’s McGee are among the Rockstars supporting the Bob Moog Foundation. Want to share your Moog music with us? Send us an email at