Patrick Moraz’s Birthday Greetings

“Well, Dear Bob, wherever You are in the Cosmos, I wish You a very Happy Birthday and a great ride on the “centrifugal beaches of Infinity”, on Your Journey around and across the Universe!

It was so great to have had the pleasure to know you personally and to be able to work so closely with you on some of my projects and productions.
Fantastic to know that, 34 years ago, I was actually in Buffalo talking to you in the Moog Music factory, trying some new instruments the company had just created, like the Polymoog and the Macromoog, learning and “tweaking” some sounds for the upcoming Summer Tour with Yes and getting ready to record, after that Tour, my first solo-album, “I”, (a.k.a. “The Story of I”)!
You have definitely left an “indelible mark” on my mind and your sensitivity in all “things humans” always fascinated me, especially for a scientist and inventor of your caliber!
So, Happy 75th Birthday, my Friend!
Musically Yours!
With Love, Always………
Patrick Moraz

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