Celebrating Clara: Theremin Virtuoso Rob Schwimmer

Happy 100th Birthday, Clara! By Rob Schwimmer Theremin and piano virtuoso, touring keyboardist with Simon and Garfunkel and member of Polygraph Lounge “People like her show us that the apparently impossible may be possible after all…“ My first encounter with seeing … Continued

Celebrating Clara: Shirleigh Moog, Producer

Clara: A-Fourth-of-July Fireworks Display By Shirleigh Moog Shirleigh is Bob Moog’s first wife. They were married from 1956-1994.   The Clara I knew was a Fourth-of-July fireworks display in a tiny box. She was barely five feet tall and a … Continued

Celebrating Clara: I can almost touch it (the antenna)…

Seva David Ball, Audio Preservationist for the Bob Moog Foundation Archives, Reflects on Clara, and Bob’s Connection to Her   This year we celebrate Clara Rockmore with an additional enthusiasm, as she would have been 100. Listening to unedited audio … Continued