The Bob Moog Foundation: 2014 by the numbers

This schematic is extremely exciting. It is from 1965, when the first modules for sale were being built. In addition to its early nature, it was also hand-drawn by Bob himself, using his colloquial term, “B.S.”


At the end of the year, a brief update from us, the stewards of the Timeline of Synthesis, to you, our sustainers and supporters. Together, this was our year:

– SoundSchool science lessons taught to eager young minds: 11,000
– Classrooms served: 55
– New teachers trained: 20

– Schematics inventoried, categorized, and preserved: 1455
– Items donated to the Bob Moog Foundation Archives: 250
– Schematics digitized for our archives: 100
Never-before-seen Bob Moog schematics shared with you online: 20

– Vintage instruments we refurbished to performance capacity: 3
– Museum exhibits featuring Bob Moog Foundation Archive items: 2
– Gorgeous vintage Minimoogs awarded to a delighted winner: 1

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